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Robert Coomer

Fine Art Cave, Nature, and Rural Photography!

Currently under construction is a new website and updates to the gallery. To view my images click here!

Most of these images are the culmination of many hours of hard work, whether it is a simple shot and a fantastic idea that required hours of digital retouch, or an intricate cave shot that may have taken hours of crawling and climbing just to get my camera gear to the location that I wanted to photograph. I am thankful to all of those who have helped me to reach some of these incredible locations by leading the trip, arranging travel plans, or even just helping to carry my gear. Thank you!

It has taken a lot of time to assemble and edit the photos on this site, but there are still many more in my archives. Please check back frequently as updates will happen often. Also check my blog section for updates and new images.

Any image on this site can be purchased as a print. Please contact me for more information and pricing.

I hope you enjoy your visit and let me know what you think of my site and my images.

Robert Coomer