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Vertibraes Cavernous in AbstractusJust below the surface, we are very much the same. Rock and water, bone and blood, our bodies are like our own personal cave systems, with miles of passages and their unique structures and formations that keep us alive.

Just as our veins keep vital nutrients flowing through our bodies, cave systems function like that for out planet, allowing water, that sustains our planet to move from place to place below the surface.

An just like our bodies, garbage in equals garbage out.

Visually I am searching out and exploring these exciting comparisons, using images of caves and overlaying medical and structural images of the human body. The prints before you are using MRI images of spinal vertibrae and cranial scans overlayed cave passage shots.

This is the beginning of a series of images, to promote conservation, but not just for caves, but also for the whole planet. By making comparisions to something the viewer is intimately familiar with, their own body, I hope to promote personal awareness to their own impact, and the impact of those around them.