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Red, White, and Blue Jay

Red, White, and Blue Jay is one of my most recent prints and has quickly become one of my most popular. It’s an image that shows the beauty and simplicity of nature as well as it’s unpredictability, as many viewers find the presence of the Blue Jay in this image to almost unbelievable. Many have assumed the image was photoshoped, and the Blue Jay added. The image, depending on which version you see, has been modified to to reduce the background color as some of the brown leaves were distracting, however the content and composition is as I shot it. The speck of blue among the reds was what drew me to the composition, and is what makes this such a striking image.

Red, White, and Blue Jay with Award

This image recently was given an Award of Excellence in the Java Jazz ‘n Art competition in New Richmond, Ohio. internationally acknowledged master of wildlife art, John Ruthven was the juror for this show, so this award takes on a special dimension and a huge honor. I grew up in Brown County, Ohio admiring John’s work, as he had a gallery in Georgetown, Ohio.

At art shows, I have had others compare it to my favorite artist, Charley Harper. This is a statement to the beauty in it’s simplicity, which was Charley’s forte. His graphic art reduced nature images to their simplest form, yet maintains the character of his subject. He called it “minimal realism.” He would say “I never count the feathers in the wings — I just count the wings.” Again, being compared to this great artists is a huge compliment, and one I don’t take lightly.

At art shows around Lexington, this image became quickly known as “Go Big Blue!” as the UK Wildcats fans pointed out that the Blue Jay has all those Cardinals outnumbered. . .

The image was shot at Cincinnati Nature Center early this year. My next popular image was shot just a few feet away, and could be called the rest of the story. “Fox in the Hen House” shows what all those Cardinals were waiting for. . .

Fox in the Hen House