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I’m proud to announce that a selection of my images are now available at the front gift shop at the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal.

Union Terminal Art Deco Entrance Sign

Above is one of the prints I delivered. It was shot early last year during one of the small ice storms we had. At the time I was recovering from a back injury, but the potential for great photos was too high for me to pass up. I almost had to crawl to get the shot. Needless to say, it was a very cold night and the freezing rain was still falling when I arrived at the Union Terminal. The ground was covered with ice making walking difficult, but add to that a herniated disk, a bag of camera gear, camera, a tripod, and the loss of the ability to balance myself and then you’re really having some fun. I ended up using my tripod as a crutch and managed to make my way from where I parked my car on a side street, along the fence, across the front of the grounds and to the driveway where I took this shot.

After about an hour, I managed to make my way back to my car safely though I was wet and covered in ice. I only fell twice if I remember correctly. I found out it was less painful to just fall down than to try to “catch” my balance which hurt my back. I had on enough layers of winter clothing to cushion a fall. Like most photographers, I fall with my hands up to protect my gear, so i wasn’t too worried about damaging my camera. I think the shots from that night were worth it.

Union Terminal in Ice