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Above+BelowAbove and Below, is now on display at the Southern State Community College library, through November. Above+Below Appalachia is a collection of photos and artwork by Robert Coomer that reveal mysterious and beautiful images from beneath the Earth’s surface and the natural beauty of forgotten rural barns and back road landscapes of Appalachia. The images capture the world of natural light and color and then contrasts it with a world of complete darkness, of alien shapes and forms that are rarely seen. Above and Below Appalachia is a study of light, both natural and artificial and its interaction with the familiar and the unseen. A portion of the proceeds from work sold during this show will go to help preserve caves and karst through a donation to the Rockcastle Karst Conservancy.

A selection of images from my Below the Surface series is also on display. Combining cave photos and medical scans, this series challenges the viewer to consider our relationship to the world around us, and how we interact with it. Whether blood and water, or bone and stone, many comparisons can be made between our bodies, and our planet.

Come out and meet the artist on Thursday, October 15th, from 6 – 8pm.