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Old Barn in Berea, Kentucky

Me and my wife spent the weekend in Lexington for our 14th wedding anniversary. During the weekend we also took time to visit the Berea Craft Festival. It’s nice to be on the other side of the tent, so to say, every once and a while. I had my camera gear with me, but had decided i wasn’t going to spend much time taking photos this trip.

On the way back to Lexington, the sky had some really nice clouds, but being the middle of the day the sky was a little washed out. While driving in circles on the back roads, trying to track down a location on my GPS, I spotted this old barn and silo and knew it would look great in infrared. I circled back and pulled out my infrared modified Canon 30D and fired fired off a couple shots, actually a series of images that could be stitched together as a horizontal, or vertical panorama, or as just a standard 4×6 aspect photo.

I loaded it to my laptop that night and made a few quick edits, and came up with the above image. This image is actually a stitch of 3 images from top to bottom. I think it turned out pretty nice.