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Me and my wife spent the weekend in Lexington for our 14th wedding anniversary. During the weekend we also took time to visit the Berea Craft Festival. It’s nice to be on the other side of the tent, so to say, every once and a while. I had my camera gear with me, but had […]

I’ll be at the Wyoming Art Show, Booth 42, this weekend. Stop by and say hello, and see some of my newer prints. The Wyoming Art Show is Greater Cincinnati’s premiere juried art show & Competition. 150 Artists from 7 states show & sell their art under the tree-lined streets of historic Wyoming, Ohio. Over […]

I’m proud to announce that a selection of my images are now available at the front gift shop at the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal. Above is one of the prints I delivered. It was shot early last year during one of the small ice storms we had. At the time I was recovering […]

Red, White, and Blue Jay

Red, White, and Blue Jay is one of my most recent prints and has quickly become one of my most popular. It’s an image that shows the beauty and simplicity of nature as well as it’s unpredictability, as many viewers find the presence of the Blue Jay in this image to almost unbelievable. Many have […]


My work or booth has appeared in a couple of blogs lately, both related to the Hyde Park Art Show: Karen Deime mentions my work on her blog “music and art move me…” specifically my panoramic image of the Cincinnati Subway. Check out her blog from the link below: music and art move me… A […]

I got a pleasant surpirse the other morning. . . Last week I submitted 4 prints to the NSS Print salon at the 2008 Convention in Florida. I was unable to attend due to the Kettering Art on the Commons and the Woodland Arts Fair on the weekends before and after. A friend delivered the […]

Just below the surface, we are very much the same. Rock and water, bone and blood, our bodies are like our own personal cave systems, with miles of passages and their unique structures and formations that keep us alive. Just as our veins keep vital nutrients flowing through our bodies, cave systems function like that […]

Thursday night (7/27), deep underground in the heart of the Marengo Warehouse and Distribution Center, the 2007 NSS Print Salon winners were announced! My photo, “Double, Double, Toil and Trouble, Waters Churn, and cavers Bubble” recieved the Best of Show Medal for the B+W Print Salon! This makes my 4th medal for the B+W Salon, […]

Caves/rcoomer_img_DarkRain.jpg Sunday at the Wyoming Art Show I won the “Best in Class” award for the Graphics, Photo, Print, and Mixed Media category for my photo, Darkness Rains. This image is from Buddha Christian Cave and was shot a few years ago. It was a great show, with nice weather, and good sales. We met […]

I helped setup the display for the Greater Cincinnati Grotto at the Cincinnati Museum Center / Union Terminal yesterday. The grotto does a vertical caving demonstration every year. We hang a set of ropes from the ceiling, and then climb up using various climbing systems and then rappel down. There are usually lots of on […]