Want to see one of my pieces on your wall for free?

It’s hard to decide, but I can make it easier!
I have a lot of  unique and custom work in various sizes, so choosing the right piece for your home or office can be a challenge! I would like to make that choice easier for you by showing you what my work looks like on your wall for free!

Follow the instructions here to take a photo of where you want to see my work and send it to me. I will comp it up and send you examples of what it could look like.



Follow these steps to capture an image of your wall

First, I need a reference for scale. Affix a piece of letter (8.5×11) paper to the wall in roughly the same location you would like to hang the art piece.

Second, Step back as far as you can facing the wall as straight as possible, not at an angle.

Third, Take a photo of the wall with your phone or camera. Including a door or furniture. That will help you understand the scale of the art and how well it fits the room.

Finally, Email me your image [walldesign019@robertcoomer.com], or use the from below.

If we have previously had a txt conversation about this project, you can txt your image to me

Tell me about your project:

What images and sizes are considering?

Is it a specific piece you may have seen at a show that you are interested in, or an idea / custom piece you would like to have created?

How many pieces are you considering?

What is your budget?
Single mounted pieces start around $400,
triptychs start at $1800.

If I have any questions, I will respond to your form/email request.
If you would prefer a txt response, please include you phone number and mention you prefer txt over email.

To send your photo, click the browse button at the bottom of the form and then select your image to send it.

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